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Merlin, if you haven't posted this to the official thread already, it would be a pretty good idea to do so, even as just a warning (today was the cutoff date to have the gathering info added to the official program). The pool deck is large, but MSPA gatherings can get a lot larger than the amount of people that claim will show up. It's one thing to move if we're too large, but it's another thing to show up more or less unannounced to anyone who doesn't read all the individual threads, and it will at least give other gathering-goers a heads up.

That being said, I'll probably show up as Terezi? I still don't know what day April wants to do genderbends on, or if those are still a thing. So, uh, expect some form of Terezi.

*edit* @Phantom, Valve is now listed for 12 on Saturday, so at least those two won't interfere (PHEW)

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