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Tummy Help

I am looking for a few suggestions

I'm around 165cm - 49kg (though I am naturally slender, so it is not particularly underweight. Not unhealthily anyway). However, I do have a bit of tummy. As such, I'm looking for a way to loose said tummy, without loosing too much overall weight (I think my BMI is around 18.0 to 18.5).

I cook with a housemate, so I doubt any extreme changes to my diet will be welcomed.

Are there any good exercises that "only" targets your stomach? Please keep in mind that besides walking to and from town every few days since I don't have a car (it takes around 10-15 minutes to get there), I don't really do any exercising. Meaning, I am in pretty poor shape.

If anyone could suggest a good type of exercise for me, and for how long I should do it now at the start (how many times/how many minutes, and how many days a week), I'd be most grateful

Any other suggestions are more than welcome too.

Edit: Oh, I should mention that there is no gym around where I live.
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