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Thanks for the info. I see that it may accentuate the stomach area which I would not want.

Wife is looking for a punk lolita style outfit. Anything on there site that would be consider such that is also high waisted so her stomach isn't sound easily noticed?

To help here are some pics of her (like I said she's just shy 5'3" and as of 12/9 weighed 242 lbs):

Wife's Pics to help with Lolita Buying

She has lost wait in those pics. The most recent ones are the top 3 (teal dress (tried on Oct 26, 2011 size US 22/24), yellow top (size US 22 tried on Oct 15, 2011) blue dress (size US 20 tried on Dec 4, 2011). The outfits at the bottom of the album (the sailor, the one with the pink top, and the black outfit taken the con merch rom (custom made last year by pro seamstress we know last year (a little baggy on her this august since losing weight) are all from late August this year)

And she still really likes that dress on F+F, so I'm guessing it's more of a cosplay than a lolita fashion. Got an e-mail from the site saying that some of their more lolita style cosplay can also show up on their lolita part of the site. I wish that wasn't the case.

I'm guessing what she wants is the black & white design to help match things she has at home, with a style that is somewhere between punk and sweet lolita (if that is such a "true" style) like this ones name "Sweet&Spicy".

Any help would be great, it doesn't necessarily have to be done via F+F, anna house, I said I can go up to $200 including shipping. Just want to make a lolita beginner very happy this Christmas season
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