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@Miugiko: AMAZING!! xDD Thanks for sharing!!! Geez, you make me want to hurry up and finish my outfit.
@Tabby: LoL, the random cat guy. I almost died laughing when the cat transform into a man; I thought that I was seeing things. But then I found out he's a hidden rotate in the game. XD remember the school rules said no relationships, which in my opinion is weird. 6 gorgeous guys and you can't kiss one. Hey, I'm working on Syo outfit too! ^^ I wish you the best of luck on yours!
@FUYUMI: WOW!!! Your pictures look GREAT TOO!!! T^T
Cosplay Plans: Erza Scarlet (Lightning Armor), Princess Tiana (Blue Gown), Syo (STARISH), Yoko Kurama

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