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Originally Posted by Milky☆Milky View Post
Do some core strengthening activities, increase protein and decrease your intake of wheat and breads as they can cause bloating easily.
Sounds like a plan! I, admittedly, eat more grains tn protien because of my tight schedule.

Originally Posted by Yusette View Post
Sit-ups! They do wonders to a tummy
I've been doing sit-ups for quite some time and they aren't so effective :\ Thanks for the tip, though!

Originally Posted by Ngibby View Post
This is bad advice (no offence) but you can NOT spot reduce. Try to do work outs with high reps and low sets (12x4) on various parts of your body. Try to reduce the amounts of fats and carbs you intake. Make sure the majority of your calories come from healthy foods and snacks. The last thing is Cardio. Try to get between 45-1h or carido a day.
I've heard/learned first hand. -.- Do you mean things like pull-ups, jumping jacks, etc. or something else?
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