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Thanks for the help. I understand what you mean. Just want the best for the cost available and not get a "cosplay" when I want "lolita" style outfit. Understand about punk and sweet being opposite side of the spectrum the more I read up about it. My wife also likes the classic, and gothic (regular and elegant) version beside the punk style. He dream whould to one day have a steampunk lolita outfit but she feels the waist height would be the hard part to deal with.

So, my wife went back onto F+F and searched around and saw 4 other outfits that she thought weren't all that bad looking. Please let us know what you think of each (and if you feel everything picture on the outfit in the main pic will be included when shipped).

Here they are in order of favorite to least favorite (After the cosplay one):

1st Favorite (in the black and white version) (there is a review of this outfit's quality on livejournal at: Outfit Review

2nd Favorite
(int the red and black version)
3rd Favorite (in mint version)
4th Favorite

Please rate and let me know based on my measurements above and quality of fabric which would be best to go with (and here's hoping that any of these aren't also true cosplays like the last one was).

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