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I agree that it completely depends on a person's personality, shape of their face, preferences, etc....
That being said, I absolutely LOVE long hair!!! I always have since I was a kid (I call it a Sailor Moon complex). I'm always jealous when my friends have gorgeous long hair, and then I practically cry when they chop it off. I would love for my hair to be much longer, but I do a lot of damage to it, like coloring it, blow-drying it, flat-ironing it.
I also know that for myself I would look HORRIBLE with short hair. My hair is naturally curly, and if I chopped it off, it would curl so very tightly, and that just isn't a good look on me personally.
That is why I love my long wigs!!!! My friend hates the hassle of them, but I think they are totally worth the work!
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