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Originally Posted by Kei~kun@'-'@ View Post
hey im a newb at cosplay i always wanted too depending on where you are ill see if i can join up
That would be awesome if you could!

Originally Posted by xMidnightMotion View Post
I have been planning a Bakura cosplay, and a Tayuya cosplay.
I would love you forever if you could do Tayuya and Bakura <3 Perhaps Curse Mark 2 Tayuya since it is not done a lot (I think).

Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
Might give you a Bakura. No promises yet though.
Message me when you know what you are doing!

Originally Posted by KawaiiRiceball View Post
My friend and I want to cosplay as Thief King Bakura and Pharaoh Atem one day if that counts xD
Yes it does! By all means join
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