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Hello there. SE Michigan, eh? Sounds like you're right up my alley. I live perhaps 30 minutes from you and there is a decent sized group out here that you'll have to be introduced to.

You mentioned an interest in doing a skit with a group. What did you have in mind? Also if you don't mind me asking you, what is your experience with cosplaying thus far?

As far as cons go, the 3rd one you were trying to remember was Anime Reactor(also in Chicago). The Motor City Comic con comes around twice a year if I remember correctly and is held in Novi. Its more of a comic convention than anything(name implying afterall) and the Anime following isn't nearly that big. There are a few enthused costumers here and there, but not as many cosplayers. Just my observations though.

Well, I hope to hear back from you on this thread.

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