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Well great to here from you!!! as for a skit together, It wasn't intended to be any definate plans but mebbe something that might happen. As for my cosplay experience weelllll uuuhhhh none. in fact the only convention I've been to is jafax. But I plan to gain some experience in october. I'm cementing plans to go to c-kon and kazecon and have three costumes currently under plans. Work begins tommorow!! I'm planning on armitage (armitage III), Count D (petshop of horrors), and genjo sanzo (gensomaden saiyuki). Count D and Genjo are actually fairly simple and armitage I've been designing for a couple of months. It's kinda hard with me being a guy!!!.

I plan to begin work on count D first so mebbe I'll change some plans!

well if'n ye mebbe want to contact me, write me at
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