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Originally Posted by Avisu View Post
Hey, so is anyone going to Salute to Supernatural Toronto in october this year?
I'll be going as Cas and I wanted to get some pictures with some more Supernatural cosplayers since there are none in my area

Here's some shots of my Castiel costume I finally got done after a fight to find the trench coat.


Also, anyone know where to get a Jacket like Gabriels? He's also on my list to do.

Hey, also where can i find a shirt/jacket like Lucifers?

The others i'm going to do are
Female Castiel - Done, just need pictures
Lucifer - Already got the make up done, will upload pics soon.
Doctor Gabriel
Waiter Gabriel (I just love the Mustache haha)
You can find lots of clothes all the guys wear at jcpenney. (that's, oddly enough, where Misha said the original trenchcoat came from.) I think that's where the wardrobe dept shops.

the only thing I haven't been able to find was Dean's leather jacket, but that's a one of a kind anyway.
I'm really excited to see your lucifer makeup! I watched some makeup tutorials for zombie makeup and things but i think it'd be really hard for normal skin color and red underneathe.
good luck!
Cosplays I intend to do/finish.
Grell-Black Butler: 95%
Sakura Hime-tsubasa reservoir chronicles: 95%
Pikachu-pokemon: 95%
Dark Mousy-DNAngel: 50%
Sailor Saturn-Sailor Moon: 75%
Sakura- Cardcaptors: 10%
Mio Hio- DNAngel: 10%
there is more but i don't have even a stitch of fabric that i can say i've started for them.
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