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Firefly/River Tam cosplay

I plan on cosplaying River Tam for an upcoming convention called : I-Con. I have very limited sewing experience and I'm not 100% which of her costumes would be easiest to do besides the one where she 's wearing a pair of shorts and a sweater from "The Train Job". I really wanted to do the outfit she wore in "Serenity" where they are in a bar and she gets "triggered" and beats everyone up. It's the one sleeved tie dye type dress.

My main issue is whether or not this would be a good idea to pursue for a first timer , with my limited sewing skills?

My other issue is finding pics of the costumes. There seems to be a few websites that have screen caps from "Firefly" but none from "Serenity".

The other question I have is: I found a pair of boots , online, similar to the ones that River wears:

but it's an awful lot of money to spend on something that I wouldn't be using on a regular basis. I love how similar they are to the original boots, but I don't myself love them. I feel like they're a bit too bulky and tough looking (which is fine for River cause she's so tiny) but I'm a plus sized gal. I already feel big. I don't want to get something that 's going to make me feel bigger than I am.

Is there another pair of boots she wears on either the show or in the movie that I can get?
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