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Originally Posted by oreobunbun View Post
I see. thanks for the reply.
Would it be best to only wear bridal satin for a more experienced loita? I was just wondering why that is? Is it becasue they are more familiar with coordinating and the rules and stuff?

I love lolita and I think bridal satin is a wonderful fabric, but I don't want to look Ita when I first start wearing lolita. I'm planning on using bridal satin for classic and gothic lolita. For me, it would look nice. But I would love more suggestions from experienced lolitas. =]
Pretty much. If a bad design is executed in something simple like a poly/cotton weave it's going to look bad, but if it's done in a less-used fabric like satin it's going to look awful. Satins aren't even used often by brands, the only examples I can think of are Altelier Pierrot's bustle dress: and Alice and the Pirates' Beauty and the Rose Promise: Lolitas as a general rule tend to shy away from things that have any sort of sheen to it. It's just seen as tacky, regardless of how expensive or nice the fabric is.

I would recommend starting out with more conventional fabrics, but if you're dead set on bridal satin then you can try it.
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