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the pic of the costume is in my pics

it was squall from final fantasy 8; it came with the jacket, shirt, belts,gloves and the pants.

heres the link to the pic

i ordered it the day before the month of the con or a few days earyier and it arived a few days before the con

pros: it fit me really well and was nice an warm but was cooled down because of the half jacket. everything was just rightm even the sleaves where just right typicly most long sleave tops have longer sleaves than my arms are.

cons: not that many because this is the frist costume i wore that was made from a leather material so i can't really judge.

score A+
it fit me perfectly and felt like the real thing and was comphy enough to wear the whole con. mins the times where the jacket made me over heat.

this costume was a rare deal, if your planning to order from find a costume thats not to complex so there is less to go wrong
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