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I have to put this since my friend and I plan to do the first one in the (distant) future.



Jon Talbain and B.B. Hood (Bulleta)
Jon Talbain and Felicia



Jessie and James
Cassidy and Butch
2012 Plans: GenCon Indy, Dragon*Con, AnimeCrossroads

Alter Egos:
Orc Warlock (WoW) 85% (revamping certain parts for 2013)
Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) 100% (pics up soon)
James (Team Rocket) 100% (pics up soon)
Orc Shaman (WoW) 75% (revamping process)

Far Future/Dream Alter Egos:
Draenei Paladin (WoW)
Worgen Druid (WoW)
Galio (LoL)
and one more...

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