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hey guys so i am going to be entering the masquerade at ALA this year, and i am determined to redeem myself (last year was a bit of a flop, hatsune miku walk-on if you saw it). i just want some second opinions so i can make adjustments accordingly...

first off, im cosplaying remilia scarlet from touhou project (all you basically need to know is she is a vampire who owns a fancy european mansion in the world of gensokyo, the setting for touhou, and appears to be 12 years old)

i've recorded the audio for the skit already -->

and i will have moving wings, and i plan to use my weapon, but im still a little iffy on what to do with those....

i'm basically looking for advice for either my movement on stage or if i need to make changes to my voice-over...

thanks a bunch! <3
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