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I actually had the exact same experience with this same guy... told me he sent it to the wrong address and would try and find it or make me a new one then later made another excuse that he accidently broke the one he made and would make me a new one... then didn't hear from him for almost a year and in the meantime during this he asked if he could make me something else and even though I could really do it myself I said fine I'll help out a broke fellow cosplayer in need and in the end spent about $170 on props consisting of a Hollow Ichigo Zanpakuto and a broken version of Ichigo's original Zanpakuto (both of which I never ended up doing and abandoned the cosplays)... this was sometime back in 2009-2010. Well in the end I got multiple excuses and then eventually I heard nothing back from this fraud. Funny how he seemed like he wanted to be my friend or something talking to him on Deviant Art and Yahoo messenger until I finally said heck I just want my money back since I could just make these props myself I was just saving time. Pretty sneaky scam though, he just makes excuses until its too late to make a complaint with paypal... not kool taking advantage of nice people especially fellow cosplayers since I've always thought we had a great community, but there's always a bad apple I suppose that has to ruin it for everyone!
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