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Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
That could always be made into antoerh gathering. At PMX, there was a total of 4 (I think) Homestuck gatherings. (One never happened, though, because the previous gathering had gotten all the trolls trapped in Carls Jr while it rained.)

Also, I believe there's a Saturday gatheirng set for 4:13. I'll double check with more information.
Lol yes, 4:13 is the current time for the Saturday gathering which is also being run by Sam and I. But it'll be kept at 4:13, since Saturday night is the formal dance!

So the permanent time for Friday AND Saturday are 4:13PM by the pool deck. We'll move out front if we get in anyone's way, since I'm not exactly how many people we'll have, nor how many people will be at the surrounding gatherings.

Ten days to go!
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