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Originally Posted by MelodyStarlight View Post
Black Lady - Sailor Moon (I just can't let her go)
Nightmare Moon - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Possibly Madame Kovarian - Doctor Who if I can finish her by then
What day are you planning on wearing Black Lady? I will bring my Neo-Queen.
Planned cons
AWA- Neo-Queen Serenity
ExpCon- Da Qiao/Dynasty Warriors.
MegaCon- Princess Leia or Mara Jade/Star Wars, A Sailor Moon character, Barbie cosplay, Da Qiao?
Star Wars Celebration VI- Slave Leia, Mara Jade, secret SW cosplay, and Aayla Secura?
Next AWA- Queen Serenity.
Next Exp- Bayonetta?

Planned Cosplays
Rainbow Brite
She-Ra - She-Ra and He-Man
Barbie-1959 release (black dress)
Lady Lovely Locks
Athena-The Little Mermaid III
Aquata-The Little Mermaid
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