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As per usual, plans have changed yet again!
It seems this Con is going to be my Homestuck Con, as 3/4 of the cosplays I'm planning on wearing have become Homestuck
I'll still be bringing Nyotalia England, but I probably won't be wearing her. Makes me a little sad, but hopefully it'll be worth it.
Instead of her I'll be doing Peregrine Mendicant, one of the Exiles (almost wrote X-Files woops), which I am super excited to do.
Upcoming Cons:
Holiday Matsuri-Judy (The Santa Clause), Godtier Meulin Leijon (Homestuck), Ms. Paint (Homestuck), Goldeen (Pokemon)
Katsucon-The Disciple (Homestuck), Small Lady Serenity (Sailor Moon), Cherry (The Studio Killers)

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