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Astharoshe Asran Armor, help?

So I have started the momentous task of making an Astharoshe Asran from Trinity Blood cosplay...

Reference images here:

Basic image

Book art image:

Me being a perfectionist, I want it to look good but I need it to be made from something affordable and easy to work with since I have little to no experience in cosplay armor making.

What would you suggest?

-I have seen others use craft foam and epoxy-resin with good results. However, what brand of resin is good and where can I easily find it? What should I know about working with these type of materials?

Any help you can provide would be beneficial...I've been attempting this cosplay for several years now and always get hung up on the armor bits.

And for her staff...oh God those rings and random bits! Should I try a mixture of foam and acrylic rods? Papermache?

Help? Please?

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