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Kay, here's the link to my pictures on Photobucket!

They're all from Saturday.

I got-
No Face
Millenium Earl
Ninja Photo by my mom of the girl with the big Onix
Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay group
Me as Sora and the Kairi without a wig who took a pic with me
the Miku Hatsune who was carrying a plushie
Nepeta and that one blind troll from Homestuck
Death the Kid with gun arms from Soul Eater
A bunch of Johns from Homestuck
Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler. The Sebastian had a top hat.
And some pictures of me in my Sora.

Oh, also, does anyone know who won the cosplay contest categories? I left early, and I'm curious.

Sorry, I probably didn't get anyone here! I was too nervous on Friday since this was my first con. On Saturday I was nervous, but less so, so I got these, and I didn't go Sunday.
Cosplay Motto- This is either gonna look really cool or really sad.

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