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Why do all these people live in Ohio? Why doesn't anyone ever live in PA with me?

Kiggi- This is the one I'm using for Cinderella. I bought a small curly bun that will attach to the back for the bun. Its also going to double for a Tinkerbell wig!

Aurora's Heart - I LOVE your wig. That's my favorite part of the whole costume. And your makeup. that too. everyone's costumes look beautiful though!

Kairi Heartless - OMG I got the Art of Tangled for Christmas last year and I LOVED it. So many amazing photos! Which concept art dress do you like? I really liked the green one they showed. Also, it sounds like you'll have an awesome cosplay group. I've been waiting for someone to do the king and queen from tangled!

PS: Any of you Ohio people live close enough to the border that you'll be coming out for the Pittsbrugh Comicon by chance?
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