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Originally Posted by TopHatDown View Post
kiggi - Thats so funny. XD I was at that Jo Ann's Tuesday. And then Friday. They didn't have the material I needed for Relly, so she's gotten shuffled back a little bit further, but my friend got the material that she needed for her Rapunzel there. Her princess dress is almost done. I am attempting to drag her in here but she is resisting. XD

And yes! We now have snow. >3 Woot, snowbelt, go!

im there so often! when i was making punzel, my son kept calling it the "punzel store"

this is the fabric i have for it, i cant wait! its in the clearance section

just need to get some under fabric, and start sewing

you're in the snow belt too im guessing! im in bedford

i found this wig, i dont know if i want to go blonde since cinderella isnt blonde... or really. shes more of a strawberry. has anyone used it? have any good suggestions for strawberry hair?

protectorkorii- when is it? if it doesnt conflict with work (like ohayocon is) i may be able to go (and if my dh is willing to have a boys weekend)
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