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Originally Posted by ashe2kawaii View Post
Current Peeve with myself>>

I am really starting to realise that i take ALOT of pictures with my face slightly/completely turned turned Left (or is it right?Xp) either way its bad habit (i usually hold the cam in one hand) It's not like i hate full on face shots but it's just for some reason i seem to like the side. Curse my wicked way!!!! (I hope to end that soon)

Any ideas on how i can take good full face shots and ween of the side a little? I have pics on my deviant art link below if you need to see what im talking about.
Haha, I have this habit too! I tend to face so that my right side is towards the camera because I think my nose looks better from that side.

Really, the only way to break it is practice! If you're taking photos of yourself, you have the chance to just mess around and figure out how to position your face from various angles to the camera and what you like best. I mess around in the mirror a lot when I'm about to go to cons and think "Okay, what are some poses that I'll do when I'm wearing ____ costume?" and go from there. I'll do a lot where I focus on keeping my face towards my 'weaker' side and full frontal shots so that I know which angles I like my face at when I'm making different expressions. (Example: Evil characters do that eyebrow arch, look down their nose at you, and smirk or look serious. I can only raise my left eyebrow so I'll have to work on posing with my weaker side.) It feels silly, but it helps. ^-^

If you're working with a photographer at a photoshoot or something, just tell them your preferences before hand! I know whenever I'm shooting people and they tell me "I'd like to minimize _____ about my _____." I'll keep an eye out and help them pose in a way that I think helps them look their best.

Worst comes to worst, you ask to see a shot and if you don't like it, you can either ask to redo the pose or just not post it and find another shot you like!
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