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Hey! I'm not a new member here but I've decided to make a new account since my other one is outdated..

Erm anyways.. I'm fairly new to the UK, just moved about a month ago from Canada. I'm in Horsham atm, and planning to attend MCM in May. I love geeky things, and I'm 22~ You can all call me Kura :3 I am looking to meet new friends!

I've been cosplaying for about hmm.. 6ish years? The first couple years was the whole "I'm young I'll get mommy to help sew half my stuff" but I've grown a lot since then. Some of my past latest costumes (that I've made entirely on my own) include Roxas (organization XIII version) Jaden Yuki from Yugioh GX and a Renamon fursuit that I'd made for a friend. (I'm not a furry but the costume was loads of fun to make :33)
Won two awards at Fanexpo, but they weren't in the masters division so I am far from being a pro haha.

I'm now looking to try my hand at Lightning from FFXIII-2 with the armour because I love a challenge! (I was contemplating Anise from Tales of the Abyss because I am short! But I couldn't pass up the chance to try my hand at something new!)
Might be a bit hard though.. I don't know what all the craft and art stores are called over here! (Where do I find foam paper?! Hahaha.. oh well I have time to figure that all out ;3)

Nice to meet you all!

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