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Review: Pinky Paradise

Name of Product: Hana SPC Hyper Circle Black, Wondereye Super Nudy Violet, Wondereye Super Nudy Green, Two Dollyeye Blue, and a brown lens I can't remember the name of
Where Purchased: PinkyParadise dot com
Product Description: I ordered three pairs of lenses for myself, and three for others. They arrived quickly (we paid for the express shipping so they arrived within five days including the weekend) and they were well packed and secure.

Pinkyparadise hands out a lot of coupon codes all over the internet (I don't know if I'm really allowed to just tell you them but an easy google search is all it takes) and those codes get you a free cutie animal case and a free gift for every set of lenses. I got a few packs of undereye pad things and a hair bow and a little string doll.

Pros: Reasonable prices, and the coupon code gets you cute animal cases! Lots of selection and colors, and they sell other things like makeup and lashes as well.
Cons: They only really have two shipping methods, the month-long wait and the 3-day express. The express on our order was about $30, which wasn't so bad split between three people, but for even one set it's about $25 so that can be steep for one person.

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent) I would give them an eight, because they have lots of selection and good prices, but the shipping is either expensive or takes forever.

I have an album where I took pictures as I unpacked them. Pardon the blurry photos, my camera isn't very good :/
Facebook Album

Note: I've also bought more lenses from them since I took these photos. Three more sets of the Super Nudys. I really like them, and again I had no trouble with Pinky Paradise.
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