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..mind if I swoop?
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Originally Posted by Squeaker-Ed View Post
^ I followed you, Dany. :3
Thanks! I'm trying to make sure I follow back on the long as I don't miss it being buried in my dash XD Not to mention, I'm trying to get more progress up. Well, mine anyway. Dearest hubby is a bit more secretive about his stuff. He doesn't mind too much saying what he's doing, but the work leading up to it doesn't necessarily go out to the world until afterwards

Originally Posted by TheCosplayFox View Post
I feel the same way xp. Everyone's blog looks so wonderful and personalized and mines all basic and doesn't have very many posts since I justfeel recently made it.
Mine's one of the generally available templates. I would spend time trying to customize it to match our website and stuff, but I'm not particularly jumping up and down about the idea when there is stuff out there that looks perfectly fine enough to use. I can't remember the name of it right off, but I think it mentions the theme at the bottom of my Tumblr.
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