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Originally Posted by Syagria View Post
I would make this in two separate pieces.

First, make the cape and the tall collar. A pattern like one of the following may help you get the cape and collar shapes:

That collar is pretty specific - you'll need to do some modifications to any pattern you use to get the height and the long lapels.

For the second part, the clasp, make a separate triangular shaped piece. Attach it (either permanantly, by sewing, or by a button or other attachment) under the cape collar on either side of the cape front opening.
Thank you!

I still have a couple questions though:
to get the high collar to stay up and not be pulled down by the lapel, should I add some type of stiffener (interfacing perhaps?) to make it work?
does it appear to you that the clasp is a darker colour, or is it just shadows? i can't decide XD

again, thank you!
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