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Skimmed through all the pages to look for cosplays, but, eep, none yet, as far as I can see? ... This needs to be fixed! I'm glad there's a topic for this series already, though - it's absolutely fabulous max. <3

I plan on cosplaying Shoma, but that won't be until half a year from now when my group gets together. I did recently get a Sanetoshi wig for Christmas from my friend, though, so that will definitely be put to good use sometime sooner ~ .

only thing I can offer right now is a low quality make - up test that obviously needs a lot of work as seen here. orz ;

while I'm at it, though ... really none of my friends know mpd despite me trying to get them into it, so, a question for you all. ; c: with his super girly huge eyes, are fake eyelashes and / or circle lenses a yes or no for sho?
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