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-banging head against desk- I am working diligently on my Rapunzel braid, and it's a nightmare. I'm using batting to thicken it, at least I am trying to, because I have no extensions and no money for extensions, so I'm making the wig hair I have go a long way. So much work.

Kairi School Uniform from Kingdom Hearts 2:100% done
Kairi zippered dress from Kingdom Hearts 2: 100% done
Garnet/ Dagger jumpsuit from Final Fantasy IX:100% done
Shiki from The World Ends With You: 100% done
Rapunzel from Tangled: 99% done
Padme Amidala White Jumpsuit from Star Wars Attack of the Clones: 50% done

Kisala's "Light Suit" from Rogue Galaxy

Sacanime Con
Fanime Con

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