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So I wore my Belle Pink dress yesterday for a formal dance at a con.
Don't really have a pic..wait this crappy one XD

The poor dress is in worse condition than I thought. Haha time for a remake! I'm so unhappy with the wig but I ran out of patience and time ><

My friend Nayarit was Prince Adam and everyone at the con were so happy and fangirling over us x3 so much love compares to last year where only a few people knew who I was. At the dance, everyone kept talking and squealing when we danced x//3 it was embarrassing lol

Oh before I wore Belle, I put on Rapunzel for some water pics and Poody was Flynn so we had him throw me in the pool XD I think he enjoyed it too much >/ xD
Before the throwing;

Haha the water was delicious XD

Here's hoping I get those pics soon XP
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