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Originally Posted by Meiki View Post
Well that's annoying, sorry about that! This is a nice resource too:

Well the easiest nice lace to get ahold of at normal fabric stores is eyelet. I think that fabric would look cute with some white, pink, or lavender lace. To be honest, the shape of your skirt doesn't look full enough to accommodate a full petticoat. That being said, I find white to be the best color for petticoats, other colors can show through white or cream skirts and dresses.

Derp, I should fix that. It used to be a really big deal to have unnatural colored hair back when I originally wrote this but it's pretty common now. You shouldn't have any problems with that!
awesome the new site is very helpful.

I'll have to go to joanns to look at all the laces. As for the skirt, I noticed that too after making it. ): I might have to go back and remake the whole thing (yay for 1/2 sales!). For the petticoat I'll probably go with white just so it can be reused with other dresses. (cheapo here lol)

Well that's good! I really like my unnatural colored hair haha.
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