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lady sasha: ooh post pics!
cinderella i bought the icy blue organza almost 2 months ago, and now that i only have 8 months to finish (yay disney!), i figured time to start right? ive been looking @ wigs a lot lately. i am debating on wearing my wedding shoes (either pair as they both would go) and how comfortable heels would be in disney (blue ones) hmm seems i have no pictures of the clear ones where you can clearly see the shoe... must find them. hmm now looking @ wedding pics, can i do cinderella with a tiara? i wear it to vacuum. hmm maybe not.
i need to figure out what these sleeves are going to look like. the parks dress looks so space age-y...

lkd: looks like that was fun!!!
final fantasy: the wig looks good!!! (so does your dress!)

ok another thought. i didnt want to double post....

has anyone wore hoops on a ride like say big thunder mountain? or teacups, or any small space ride? i know on the coaster i can sit myself like i did for punzel to accommodate my hair... i could wear crinoline too, i may under the hoops anyhow just for fluff under it when i move, but the edges are scalloped so i cant hem the dress again, to suit one or the other. i was thinking hoops would give me what i want as far as shape. but i just thought about practical fitting on rides...

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