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I'm so fricken tired......

Its now 5AM.... I finished the skirt and I finished painting the sleeves...
All the blue strips are hand painted T_T
It took me like 5 hours to paint all those stripes on T_T
The skirt was pretty easy, screwed up on measurements the first go but fixed it. I also took pictures, got out of the costume... then I realized I forgot the blue ribbon.... Had to put the costume back on WITH the ribbon this time.

So if I look dead... its because its 5AM xD

I do hope to buy a wig soon... but I dont want to spend like $50+ =_= I am also thinking about Circle lenses for this cosplay as well xD not sure yet.

but I am SUPER exited to finally wear this!
I might make a #3 when I can x3

The skirt is also really really poofy but cant tell because of the angle of pictures =_= had to take them in a cramped bathroom. There is also a problem with the shirt that I need to fix.

The shirt was pretty much bought at GoodWill, but I completely took it apart XD

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