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I went to Bangkok over the Christmas weekends and thanks to some friends, found one of the Cloth District as mentioned in this NHK World Show I watched.


My Feedback : CHEAP CLOTHS!!!! Now I know why my friend goes all the way to Bangkok to get some cloth supplies for his Costume Talents Company Costumes. This Foil Jersey I gotten in Singapore for over SGD10/m cost only SGD4.80/m there. Pleater is also cheap tho' it's a headache to find the shop/s and they didn't have the color I want (Dark Purple).
Do spend some time there as most of the shops in the main shopping area are not arrange properly (I'm used to the 2-4 neat rows of Cloths Shops in Singapore ) and dun worry, many of the sellers there know English. There is also a shopping centre nearby selling cloths in proper shops but I didn't really check out the prices there as aiming for Pleaters.
Also found stores further up the lane selling normal color wigs.
How to Get There : Take Taxi Taxi Fares are cheap anyhow (compared to here in Singapore and even Malaysia)

Other than there, friend mentioned somewhere at or near Siam Discovery got sell cloths and other costume making supplies but didn't get to check them out.

For Craft Foam, I got the know roughly where it is (Near the BTS Train Station Wongwlan Yal) but my Thai friends told me the sellers there dun speak English so didn't check them out.

Hope I can go to Bangkok again with a bigger wallet and bigger suitcase soon, and a Thai-Speaking friend or 2 to shop with me and talk to the shop owners especially the ones selling those 5mm Craft Foam/Rubber

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