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Furie- Thanks! I'm going to talk to the girl who volunteers as Cinderella and see if she would like another princess.

Wonderland- From what I can tell, it looks pretty voluminous, although you might want to put some hairspray in your bangs. I remember doing that for Anastasia where I held them out with the bobby pins and then sprayed them to death.

crystalamaris- Welcome to the thread! I think that its awesome that you're going to be cosplaying from Gargoyles because its so nostalgic for some many people.

FinalFantasy- You look adorable! And I don't think you went overboard with the flowers- you have the right amount~

Roxie- Yay for water shots and for people recognizing your Belle! I've yet to hop in water in Rapunzel(unless you count the bathing suit), even though I'd like to get some shots of her in the river. There's just something about swimming around in long dresses that makes it so much fun.

kiggi- Ooooo...that pleated fabric is so pretty and is making me want to do designer Rapunzel
My sister went on teacups, thunder mountain, and lots of other rides in her Lottie gown without much trouble. Since the hoops are flexible, she could just pick them up and squish them into the seat. Depending on the size of your hoops, you might have to ride alone on some. Her Cinderella wasn't as big, so she didn't have to worry about those things as much. For example, as Cindy, she kept her hoop skirt on for Space Mountain, but had to take it off to ride when she was Lottie.

kojiro- Thanks for the pictures! I really have to talk to my friends to see if they'd be interested. My sister has already expressed an interest in being Candace, so I might do Isabella if I can't get a group.

And since I'm not sure if I'm going to be Snow White, I'm thinking of starting the historical Jasmine design that shoomlah came up with since I already have some of the fabric for it. I have to finish or put away Rose Tyler first though.

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