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For just nibbling, Seattle Chocolates truffle bars are pretty darn good. I like a little saltiness, so my favorites are the Coconut Macaroon and the San Juan Sea Salt (and Pike Place Espresso, and Rainier Cherry, and Cappuccino Crunch...). Fran's Salted Caramels are also lovely, but way too expensive. Dilettante Mocha Cafe is probably one of my favorite places to stop at when I'm downtown, though. Not only is their hot chocolate wonderful, but they have great desserts and they always have something half-price (so you can get a huge slice of Mocha-Ganache-whatever for $2.50). For nibbles I think my favorite is their chocolate covered espresso beans, or their chocolate covered cherries.

Godiva's is all right. I'll occasionally indulge in a cup of their hot chocolate, but you have to go to one of their stores so they'll actually drop a square or two of chocolate in to melt. See's is fairly good (sometimes a bit too sweet), and a lot more affordable than Godiva. On the cheap end Dove is okay and I don't mind Hershey's dark, but I'm glad that a lot of the grocery stores around here carry local products.

I do refuse to eat Palmer's, though. I told my husband we weren't allowed to buy any as Halloween candy, because that stuff is disgusting.
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