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This past holiday season, they had their 4k Facebook likes sale, so I leapt at the chance to buy something from these people that I heard sold fantastic wigs. So, I bought ponytail clips with the intention of using it for a Zatsune Miku cosplay.

Product: 2 Long ponytail clips in Black (064)
Purchased at:
Timeline:My order was processed and shipped in 2 business days, and got to my house 6 business days later, so about a week.
Pictures: I have a crappy camera that wouldn't do these justice, so no pictures, sorry.
Pros: Shipping took only 8-9 days to get to where I live. Fibers are matte and realistic looking, they photograph like or better than real hair. The fibers themselves also feel like real hair. Very thick too. Heat resistance is good so I can straighten it with a flat iron when the tangles make it frizzy.
Cons:Tangles moderately, even with Motions Oil Sheen spray applied. Semi-difficult to detangle with fingers. I know all longs wigs tangle, but if the fiber used in Arda wigs are supposed to be easier and less prone to tangling (so I heard from other cosplayers), I'm scared to think about if I had a long wig from another company. >.< Sheds, sometimes as many as 4-8 hairs at a time, just by running my fingers through it gently 8 out of 10 times. But this kind of isn't a problem, as I'll mention below.

Comments: Many people have described the fibers as 'silky' but they aren't silky. They're not excessively coarse and rough either, just not soft. Another thing is, that I noticed if I ran my hands through the fibers of the ponytail a lot, it left my hands feeling weird, like with some kind of residue, oil, or something. Whether it's to prevent it from tangling or what, I don't know. I'm getting a Blue Steele wig from them soon, so I'll edit this with my findings. About the mild shedding; it's not exactly a problem because they're pretty thick, and one or two hairs at a time won't make a difference.

EDIT: The Blue Steele I got today also had that weird residue that made my hands feel weird. Maybe it's just a wig thing?

Overall grade:. 8.5/10

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