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Hey everybody! I was the Handmaid at the Saturday gathering and I wanted to officially apologize to anybody reading this who got thwacked by my horns. Our Empress made all of my group's horns and since I don't live near her I didn't have a chance to try wearing them out before the con, so I had literally zero sense of how much my horns were sticking out behind my head. I know I totally hit a few people turning my head to look at something, and well... hitting other people is a dick move and I'm not sure if I was able to apologize to everybody at the time. So yeah. SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!

This gathering was insane though... considering how many homestucks were there last year, it's... dare I say... nearly miraculous. So many people, and so many of them people I would have loved to talk to more!

If anybody has good photos of me vs the Condesce, I'd be really grateful for those. Thank you in advance!!!!
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