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Kiggi ~ Ooooh that's REALLY pretty!

FinalFantasy ~ You're rapunzel wig looks GREAT. I love the didn't go overboard at all.

Furie ~ D: I hope your meg dress shows up!

ProtectorKorii ~ I'd say over the shoulder. That way you can keep tabs on what it's doing. Like if its down your back someone might mess with it without you knowing or something. plus its kind of out of the way over the shoulder. You just might want to find a way to secure it to your shoulder. Plus it'll relieve some of the weight.

No updates yet. Probably going to work on Designer!Rapunzel Later this week. Hoping to finish my friend Linda with her Jasmine skirt this week too and try to figure out that top. We did find some good jewelry to wear with them and I found a great hair flower that I need to go back and buy. I'm very excited for these. Also still waiting on my wigs for D!Rapunzel to come in. They're coming from china and the URL for the tracking site only works half the time. (its Registerd Mail from china...such a pain.) They should be in this week though! It said by the 13th

QUick edit so I don't double post lol

So just checked the website (the URL worked this time!) and my wigs are officially in the US and through customs! X.x So hopefully I'll have them by friday!

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