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Originally Posted by Purple Flames View Post
Keepin up witht eh trend of buying a starting games a year after they;re released, I started up Dead Space 2.

It honestly just feels like glorified DLC for the first game.
Are you playing it on the PC or PS3? Coz the controls alone as SO MUCH tighter and responsive in the sequel. Dead Space 2 was a solid game IMO. Very much an improved version of the original, but nothing ground breaking. Think the jump from Gears 2 to 3, only with crappy multiplayer tacked on.

That being said, there are some geniunely awesome moments in DS2 (like the intro), you can't break the game with your abilities like in DS1, and the final boss is a tremendous pain in the ass. PROTIP: Max out that flame thrower and mine gun ASAP.
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