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hey everyone! im kinda new here actually, but i saw this was a thread about bioshock cosplay, so i figured i would comment. first off, i would like to say that i have a major plan (which i have already started on) to make a Booker dewitt cosplay from bioshock infinite. so far im still figuring out makeup effects (due to the fact that he has few different features that i do not have) and ive just started on his vest.
here is my plan though:
the vest will be completely handmade
the shirt will be completely handmade
the tie will be completely handmade
the pants will be completely handmade (unless i can find a pair that looks better than what ive planned.)
the shoes have been bought
the shoulder holster,gun, and ammo puches will be bought
and the belt is something i already have.
this is what booker dewitt looks like if you guys dont know already.... http://media.officialplaystationmaga...0017078450.jpg
just some cool info to give you guys!
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