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Ghost Trick has gotten REAL plot wise. Gameplay wise, solid as per usual.

I downloaded some demos off of XBL last night. My thoughts:

Rise of Nightmares: Either I need a bigger apartment, or this game needed 3 or 4 more months in development. May be the later moreso than the former.

Final Fantasy 13-2: Yo I appreciate Squenix dropping a demo in other to win some fan backs and show what improvements they made, but geez this nonsense is confusing. Also kinda sloppy on the 360. May d/l on los triple de Playstation.

Asura's Wraith: I want to praise this game for being Godhand 2.0, but it literally plays like EVERY friggin Naruto game CyberConnect has made, and ODS with the QTE nonsense. Much like XIII-2 I can wait until this game is $30 to pick it up.
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