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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post
Naw, it just plays like Storm 2. Honestly, that plays to it's strengths because as a fighting game, Storm 2 is ass in the worst way. As a single player story focused game, however, the visual narrative stuff they do in storm 2 is second to none. If you ever told me I would want to progress through the Naruto storyline to see how stuff was re-interpreted, I'd call you a god damn liar, then I'd be a god damn liar because those cinematic fights are AMAZING.

And that's all that Asura's Wrath is, a series of outlandish cinematic fights, which is exactly why that game is going to work. Sadly, once you beat it, there will, quite literally, be no reason to ever touch it again.

As for FF13-2, from what I've seen and played at press events, it's the same shit. Yes things are spread out more, yes it actually adheres to normal JRPG tropes and engages exploration, yes the combat system has slightly been tightened up, but when it comes to story telling, the thing a final fantasy game is supposed to do the best over everything else, it's still tripping over itself like a drunken toddler. Plus the combat system still keeps a little too much under the veil for my taste. It's not any worse than it was in 13, I just like having a bit more control over everything. I played FF12 with wait on to satisfy this need, which made it take longer both times I played through, but it was the way I wanted to play. Even with 13's version of "wait", you still don't have as much control over everything that I'd like. But again, out of all of 13's problems, the combat system wasn't a big one.

I'm still pretty annoyed that they didn't listen to any regions outside of japan and removed "the least popular character" Szah, even though in europe and north america, he was the second most popular, only behind Lightning. BUT PAID DLC FEATURING SZAH THAT'S ALREADY ON THE DISC! ARE YOU READY GUYS!?!?! WWWwwwWWW!!!

Fucking square...
Fucking cyberconnect2 too...Those Naruto fighting games used to be really fucking good. Hell, ultimate ninja 3 and 4 were the best non traditional fighting games on the market for a good long time. I thought those games beat Smash Brothers to death. Then they went and fucked up the formula and now they're all shitty.

I'm making a video when I get home about this. ::harumph::

J/King obviously.

As for the Naruto comment, I meant you mash the same button until it's time to going Super-Naruto/Sayain/Bankai/whatever and then QTE your way to victory. I'm hoping the final product is different, but I'm not holding my breath.
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