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Photographer Available for Anime Conji

Do you have a cosplay costume and/or group that you'd love to get some really good photos of at a convention, but don't want the huge crowd of a gathering for a specific series, or to get a massive case of photo-bombing? San Diego is a beautiful city, and there are MANY places near the convention that you can go to get really great pictures taken!

Here's the deal:

1) Schedule a one-hour time slot with me through this post. Open time slots will be posted when the event schedule comes out and I figure out what panels I want to go to myself.

2) Bring as many people as you want to be part of the shoot, but everyone that I shoot photos of will be asked to donate $10 to cover time and editing.

3) I will be collecting names and addresses from each person I shoot photos of so that I can send you your DVD.

4) I will be hosting an artist alley table at Anime Conji, and you can sign up for any empty slots at the table! Don't worry, I will have helpers to watch my table during our photo session.

5) I will also be creating a slide show video to place on the CD or DVD. All of your photos will be included in your individualized slide show, followed by highlights from the weekend. If there are enough cosplayers from the series, manga, or video game that you are depicting, then the entire video will be from that series.

I hope this isn't too terribly confusing! I want everyone to have a fun convention and have something great to remember it by.
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