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Beni- that's great that you'll get to be Rapunzel! I can't wait to hear stories. And good luck with Jim if you end up doing that.

Aurora's Heart- Oh! A large safety pin may work. Thanks for the idea! And those make ups are amazing.

Kiggi- You still have stores open? Lucky! All of ours closed last year. I heard the reason they were doing so was because they wanted to make it more exclusive- like they were going to force you to either order online or go to Disney.

Furie- that's a great price! I wish I could get velvet that cheap!

In cosplay news not much yet. I did some more work on Rapunzel. Other than that I found a nice prom dress on Ebay that should work good for Tinkerbell. I'm also thinking of buying some wings to go with it. I found these which I think will work nicely!
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