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Kiggi- As far as I know it has alot to do with the economy whether or not they close the Disney Stores. It aslo has to do with wich ones are doing well. They have just recently launched the Imiagination stores within the last year or so and they seem to do well. We've had a couple stores in Colorado (where I live) close in the last two years. In fact my current manager came from the last Disney Store they closed. If it helps, the store I started at closed about four years ago for renovation. We were planning on moving to a new location in the same mall, but there were issues with the lease and such. At the time Eisner (who is no longer with the company) sold the stores to the Childrens Place. When Disney bought us back, we had to re-negotiate the lease esentialy starting over from scratch. I know it's one store the company is working hard on getting back as it was the top performer in the area. It's kinda complicated, but it all comes down to what happens to be good buisness. When I started with the company (10 years ago) we had five locations. Right now, we have two. We have people who drive over an hour to get to us and fell the same way you do so, I understand. It has nothing to do with wanting more internet costomers or making people go to the parks. The stores were founded on the principle of bringing the parks to the average person who could not aford the trip to Disney. I hope you can find another store that's not too far to travel.

Beni- What about a scull cap painted to look like a shaved head? Then you just put the hair around it? *shrugs* That's my two cents anyway.

Furi- That is cool that you found great fabric for her. I honestly wouldn't bother with the cloak as she only seems to wear it when she is outside.
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