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Sasha- Thanks for that! I'm still playing around with ideas and someone even suggested a two-tone wig. I'm not sure how well having such a short wig would work with me since my hair is so long, but that's my only concern.

Furie- Really? Like cosplaying him or just thinking about him?

korii- Thanks! I'm nervous about doing it on my own, so I'm going to work with Cinderella first to get an idea and even have her as back up in case of awkward moments.

Furie- Even though she wears the cloak a lot, I'd say only make if you want. People are going to recognize you without it. I'm not going to lie though- the dramatic swooshes she does would be fun to do.

kojiro- I could. The costume is actually going to be for my sister, so I'll have to run it by her

inconspicuous- I wish I had unlimited time and money to make ALL the costumes and thanks for the wig advice. As for your hem, have you tried ironing it or redoing the hem?

Aurora- I never considered that as possibility, but as I mentioned with Sasha, the trick would be getting my real hair hidden with such a short wig. Here's an idea of how much I'm dealing with:
Loose. Old pic, about the same length

And is it bad that one of my main reasons for wanting to cosplay Jim is to see what the fangirls do and because I won't have to worry about the lines under my eyes?

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