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Beni- That shaved bit look is tricky. My roommate once had a Sokka (Avatar) wig that was primarily bald cap, and ran into the problem that it couldn't be worn more than a couple times before the glue and stretching made it unwearable. With as tricky as that seems to me to make, that limited wear doesn't seem worth it.
If you go with short wefts for the short bits, I'd look into using at least two wigs. Anything long enough to be workable for the ponytail isn't likely going to be thick enough to look good that short; you'd have to add a lot of extra wefts. And you're unlikely to find anything that could be quite as short as his hair actually seems to be.

I personally like the idea of just pulling that lower hair into the ponytail. Most wigs will do low ponytails just fine. You may still need to add some extra hair at the "seam" between the loose hair on top and the pulled back part, but I think that's the solution most likely to give you the silhouette you're looking for.

ETA: Also, how do you currently hide your hair under a wig? A short wig shouldn't be too much of an issue if you're able to balance the volume of hair pinned around your head.
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